Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I met a

new boy, a model... his name is Dan & he looks EXACTLY like Travis Fimmel, the former Calvin Klein model. His hair is hotter though, it is long & blonde as well, but its VERY straight & has an amazing texture... I always thought this guys hair was a little too nappy for me. Anyhow, I met him at work. I was hitting on him HARDCORE and he left me his number on his bill after he paid it. It read (believe me, i KNOW this is the lamest thing EVER) "Hot Chocolate...779-256-8520 (no thats NOT his real number) heres my number, hopefully you will use it, Dan." Now, I wont tell you that i didnt "buy" one of the drinks that he had while he was dining, but other than that, I was more or less VERY well behaved. Later that night we met up, chatted all night, walked to the train in the rain and chatted on the phone when he got home (which was after me because I couldnt survive my cab strike.) I might have a school girl crush.

All about my

Holiday Season..., Sad that it took an ultimatum to get me in gear blogging again (as if I ever made a habit of it before.) Anyway... The holiday season was incredible. It was great to see everyone again and partake in some drinks with the people that I love. Thank you all for making it special for me. The reason I haven’t updated since I got back is because I spent SO much money when I was off for those days that I have been fighting gallantly to recuperate. Honorable mentions from my trip to good old NYC. Brandi my roomie can WORK it. This bitch handled her shit like a pro over the holidays. She had not 1 but 2 INVOLVED boys chasing after her. Both w/quotable quotes. 1 said to me ABOUT her... "I am gonna drive separately so that I can call my girlfriend on the way over... if she answers, I go home, if she DOESNT answer, I go to David’s to potentially sin" the other said "no really, I cant get over how amazingly gorgeous you are... why am I married" as if his wife was NOT a few feet away giving him/us the evil eye. Now that’s a pro. I wish that I could get boys attention like that. You would THINK she would kick a few tips my way to help a bitch out, but she doesn’t. In other notable sleaze... I ran into Mikey Lavender..., this kid that I haven’t seen in YEARS, he had the audacity to ask my friend Lisa (referring to her voluptuous breast) "wha-choo workin' wit' girl?" As if that was an acceptable question, while he IS adorable and we all DID laugh, I found it to be inappropriate. I was certainly NOT surprised to find that he hadn’t landed a girl to make out with that night as he had so surprisingly announced upon entering the vehicle. I had the..., pleasure? of running into an old flame/old crush I guess you’d call him from my past and he was NOTHING to look at. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what I ever saw in him He was a scruffy mess still wearing borderline tapered leg jeans. I didn’t even bother to take a picture; I need no reminder of his current state. At that same bar only days earlier, my very first boyfriend ever sat making small talk with two of my VERY best friends 1 of them he had NEVER met. She sized him up and prayed to herself that I would walk in to see them sitting together chatting (as I was on my way to meet them.) No surprise to ANYONE, I arrived late looking good and feeling better only to find out that I had missed him by only a few minutes; which was FINE with me. Don't worry though, I made sure his parents saw how good I looked so that they might pass the word on. Speaking of parents, my daddy is getting married. I found that out over the holidays as well. The weddings in July, so I guess I know when I will be home again. My mom and I played a lot of card games and dominoes while I was home, the first day I was feeling under the weather, she killed me. Day two, I beat her like she stole something. Day 3, we were back and forth. I fell in love with Lisa all over again. As well as fell back in love with Sara and David and our trio. The love of my life who is straight paid me the best compliment ever. Jacinto, I love you! Also, I have a crush on this guy that now lives with one of my friends. The guy didn’t live with my friend when I developed a crush on him, in fact, they didn’t even know one another it’s purely a coincidence. Anyhow, my friend HATES him and more or less forces him to stay in his room when he has company over. Well, when I was there, I insisted said friend invite drunken Kyle out to have some drinks with us... After Cosmo number 1 and midway through Cosmo 2, Kyle spills all over the light colored carpet and announces that he is going to bed. Moments later, Kyle emerges on his way to the ladies room where he spent the rest of my stay, puking. Needless to say, I didn’t get any action, but like Shedaisy says..., "I'm still holding out for you" Kyle.
p.p.s, sorry this is sooooo long.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I've somehow managed

to do it to myself again...fall for some semi-closeted boy who is just barely 18 years old. in addition to being totally sexy, he has the innate ability to say exactly what i need/want to hear just when i've had enough of the game playing and being ignored. i feel like such an idiot because i KNOW that if someone was telling me that they were interested in a guy who was pulling the same shit that JV is pulling, i'd be like, "get your act together","why would u want to get involved with an 18 year old boy anyway", or my personal favorite, "play the game and make him come to you." I JUST CANT. its one of those situations where i think about him CONSTANTLY; i wake up in the middle of the night and check to see if he is on line. did i forget to mention that i work with him? well i do, so i also take time to look GREAT for work, not even knowing if he is going to be there. then when he IS, i have to fight REALLY hard to make sure im not hanging around and crowding his space and shit. bottom line, i've got it bad & that ain't good. i know its terribly cliche' but he's like a drug, and i want a new one. HELP!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'll be "home"

for christmas... i'm so excited about seeing all of you! i know it sounds kind of silly, but last year being away was strange. its not even so much that awful area that we live in. its more the fact that i get to see everyone. Paul & i can head out for some bass at the texan. Lisa & I can karaoke and slow dance someplace. I will get to see Dustin who I havent seen in AGES. I hear a friend of mine Brian moved back to BC. Amanda I am assuming will be in the area if only briefly. Scooter, same old same friday night plan i should think? Are you people in favor of cards for christmas or can i buy u a drink instead and call it even? When you get down to it w/cards you have to write. I personally could do without the time spent thinking of a clever way to
tell you that I love you [all]. besides, i cant think of a better way to SHOWyou that i love you, than with a shot of tequila on my dime. Who is as excited about seeing familiar faces for the holidays as i am? we should plan some sort of get together over drinks somewhere with good music and cameras..., let me know what you think!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

today is day 1 of

boycotting cabs. oddly enough, this came at the hands of dumb ass people in New York City & not at the hands of all of the blatantly ignorant cab drivers that ive had in the past. so, it seems as though when you are in a rush your instinct is to hail a cab so that you get where youre going quickly. the issue with that is that you never ACTUALLY get there faster in a cab than you could get there in a "train" (train being subway, thats what we call em.) the fact of the matter is in new york, you NEVER know what traffic is going to be like. it only SEEMS as though you are moving faster because you arent taking the time to A) walk to the train B) wait for it once you have arrived on the platform & C) once you are IN the cab, you are enroute & you can make phone calls letting a person know that you are "running late and stuck in traffic." this doesnt neccesarily (and very rarely might i add) expedite the process of getting you where you need/want to be. so i get in a cab last night when i am leaving work, (my peace of mind isnt for sale anymore) i figure hell, i can spend the 12 dollars to get home a little quicker and in bed a little earlier. now, the bridge that takes me to queens is on 59th and 2nd, which is about 16 blocks and 7 aves away from where i started. aves here are basically REALLY long blocks. about.. 2-3 city blocks, make up an ave. anyway.... i get to 3rd ave and 55th street traffic is terrible so it costs me about 6 dollars to go from 55th street to 56 st. (yes, at 12:30am) people are assholes deliberately stopping in intersections so that oncoming traffic cant get through. so i FINALLY make it to 56th st. and we turn, fast forward 1 ave over and 8 MORE dollars...., i am fit to be tied when we reach the bridge only to discover that it is closed. both upper and lower levels under construction. i can feel the anger swelling inside me when the cab driver announces that we have to turn around and go back to 34st st. and a couple of aves. back the direction we came from. i know what you are thinking... why didnt i just get out and take a "train?" answer is, there arent any trains that run on 2nd or 3rd for that matter unless the bill passed today. you better believe that i had my ass down there today voting, you can also bank on the fact that i took a train there. as for day 1 of no cabs, it went well. as i left work today a cab slowed down and honked as if to offer me a ride, i casually threw him the middle finger while i shuffled through my ipod for some nice late night train ride music..., its gonna be a long cold winter trekking back & forth to the train station in the snow. hopefully i have better luck finding nice snowboots than i did rainboots.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

what the hell

did i do in a past life that lead designers to believe i didnt deserve to be fashion forward? todays entry is inspired by the 40 days & 4o nights of rain that we are currently experiencing here in New York City. for some reason unbeknownst to me, god &/or mother nature, don't even take the sabbath off anymore. it has been rainy and gloomy for so many days thats its quite the feat to not get bogged down and want to throw yourself wildly into your bed and sleep off the angst. to add insult to injury, rainboots are a necessity if u dont want your jeans to be soaked up to the damn knees by the time you get where you are going. now, i know what you are thinking, who WOULDNT want a fun pair of rainboots if they could "get away" with owning some?? and the answer is no one; EVERYONE wants to own a pair of fun rb's, the problem is, unless you are some tiny little tramp with infinitesimal feet, you cant find any that arent boring or school bus, & by that of course i mean plain black or bright yellow. they make them strictly for WOMEN & not in big enough sizes that a man (such as myself) could squeeze his 12w into it. so my friend chanda & i hit this shoe store (george miu) in brooklyn, & they have HOT ones for girls..., polka dots, stripes, plaids etc... it occurs to me that i havent actually inquired about the seemingly nonexistent cute rainboot for a man. the arrogant man behind the counter tells me the reasons that they "tend to not make them in this particular style for men" without saying "real men dont wear pink rb's sissy" (which is what he was getting @ anyway). he also felt the need to point out the boot that my friend was trying on might be "a little too snug" on her. he went on to say that he doesnt have them any bigger. im all "get on the website, i bet they have one, and we can find them in your size, he says (in his annoyingly arrogant yet somehow charming way) "let me rephrase, I dont make them any bigger, im george miu, this is my store." i digress... he then tells me that they are indeed out there & that i just have to look for them. he was so helpful at telling me the name brands to check first. hugo boss, prada, burberry etc..., i couldnt afford them from those places even if i wanted to, so ive taken to wrapping my shoes in plastic bags to travel around manhattan until someplace cheap sees fit to grant a boys soaking wish. i'll probably be taking up a collection at the end of the flood season. no deluge will destroy my passion for locating a pair for next year;in the meantime im holding out & waiting to return to my postdiluvian life!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

it sucks that whenever

i start off in a great mood & plan to have a good day that i encounter people/things that just try to hold me down. for instance..., i arrived @ work yesterday in a fantastic mood. first off, i get a table that has not 1 but 2 screaming kids @ it. now, i dont know how much you people know about me, but i do NOT like children. i decide to tough it out & not judge a book by its cover. then, i get to the table to say hello to them & the mother is breastfeeding her child right there in front of jesus and everybody. its very hard not to stare when something like that is going on, but also, even when i wasnt staring i felt like she was going to think that i was. anyway, after they all order and quiz me about whether or not i should write their order down (as if i had just forgotten er' something) they ask me to bring a couple coffee mugs of hot water so that they can heat up some baby food & a bottle. i say "not a problem, be right back with those." as i start to walk away, moms grabs me (gently) by the arm, "dont fill the mugs all the way to the top or they will overflow when we drop the bottle in sweetie" (as if i am some fucking idiot just because i wait tables.) to which i promptly replied, "all over it honey." anyway..., much later i get a table of snot nosed southern teens; its one of my last tables of the night so lets face it, a bitch was ready to be cut(allowed to go home.) i walk up, take drink orders & what not, go through the opening spiel...,(mustering the last ounce of "fake" that i have in me) "have u folks been to a bubbas before?" in chimes the bitchy homo "no, but i'm from new orleans so this shit better be good, i know good southern cooking." i looked him straight in his eyes, gave him the eyebrow raise/head tilt & said, "well welcome to new york where your bitchy attitude is neither desired OR required & you might not want to break the cardinal rule & "F" w/someone who has to bring you food..., i'll be right back w/that diet for you." are u kidding me? honestly,who goes into a restaurant and carries on that way, throwing an overweight, obviously annoyed server some attitude? good thing i am off all weekend or i might f*ck around & catch a case.